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We’ve come quite a way! New trusses and roof have been completed which was first to help stop further damage to the structure. We mitigated damage to the foundation by added some drainage and the basement has stayed dry since. We’ve got our utility pole installed which is needed to begin the next phase of our project: electricity. Then we’ll move on to restoring the interior and making it a usable space!

We’re so excited to keep the project going, but as you can imagine, it’s quite a costly endeavor! We’ve acquired grants and continue to research and apply for others as well as hold fundraisers to try to keep moving toward completion.

We’re asking you for help! If any and all donation is needed. If you have any time or resources we would greatly appreciate you help.

To contribute monetarily, you can use the donation button below. Simply punch in any dollar amount you can contribute, and press the Donate Now Button.

If you can lend us time or have access to service providers that may be willing to help, please fill out the Help by Other Means form.

The Perry History Club thanks you for you help and are working hard to keep these project rolling!

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